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About Us

BlueMelon is a web agency based in Kyrgyzstan, a real pool of skills in Central Asia. Founded by a Swiss expatriate, it offers its clients a range of unique services characterized by:

  • Swiss quality
  • particularly attractive prices
  • integrated marketing knowledge
  • deadlines met

To achieve an optimal quality-price ratio, not only do we benefit from our geographical advantage, but we have developed optimized production cycles thanks to our packs (standardized starting offers). The time thus saved can then be devoted to the differentiation aspects specific to each project.

All our packs are developed with cutting edge open-source technologies:

  • CMS: Drupal 9
  • Web design: Tailwind CSS, AlpineJS, ViteJS

Whatever your project, BlueMelon gives you more for your money. More a partner than a service provider, we still stand out by:

  • extended customer relationships
  • more than 12 years of activity
  • an extensive network of specialists
  • our focus on optimization and simplification (execution time, loading time, performance, ease of use)

We offer complete solutions to create or renew your business site.

Find out without obligation.